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Kink, Play, Fetish & Fantasy

I love to play erotic games. To delight in the tensions inherent in power play and sensory seduction. I enjoy more traditional bdsm activities as well as explorations through role-play and fantasy. I am a keen pervert and fetishist and I love to get weird. Both light and heavy play offered and enjoyed.

Kink Mistress: As a FemDom, I love to rule over your erotic body.  I like to coax and seduce my bottoms to their greatest potential. I am joyful with a strong hand and mischievous smile. This may involve power dynamics and protocol or a purely sensory & exploratory experience. When contacting me of this session, do clarify whether you need to submit, to relieve control or get taken on a journey. This will help us both get the most from our time together. Note: I do not offer 'goddess worship'. 

BDSM, Kink & Play

  • Impact Play: spanking, paddling, canning, flogging
  • Bondage: rope, leather cuffs, clothes, other
  • Opulent Sensual Touch
  • Golden Showers
  • Ass Play: I am a skilled and knowledgeable  ass enthusiast. I have had the honor to host many first steps into the wide world of ass play as well as continue to thrill some glorious seasoned asses. My perfect size hands have been duly noted by the more hungry and adventurous.
  • Strap-on Play: I have a gorgeous array of cocks of many sizes and personalities. We are intimately connected and love a good time together.
  • Gentle To Intense: Sensory Stimulation (light touch, heavy petting, teasing, groping, fondling, squeezing, pushing, blind folding, feeding, spitting, smacking, licking, drooling, electrical play, and an effective use of clothes pins)
  • Sensory Deprivation/ Partial Mummification/Mummification
  • Predicament Play

Role-Play: Role-play is a definitive highlight in my repertoire. I adore playing with power dynamics and delight in both leading the action and playing along to another's lead. Please write me with your interests and intrigues, specifying the roles and dynamics of play you are keen on.

  • Domestic Discipline
  • Seduction/Coercion
  • Blackmail Scenarios
  • Professional Hazing
  • Executive Suite: Office Scenarios 
  • After-School-Power-Exchange: all manner of school themed role play
  • Witch Abduction
  • Medical Testing/ Experiments
  • Coach/ Team Player
  • Teacher/ Student
  • Taboo Interests