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Sensual Seduction

The Ultimate Re-Set Button

Full Body Sensual Touch & Seduction is an enrapturing approach to enhanced body awareness and pleasure. Here, my flair for erotic opulence meet my incredible skill and style in sensual touch. My soft skin and magic hands will engulf you. My interested and mischievous smile will warm you. Hot oil, steam towels, delicious kisses and light to deep body attentions will make you melt. Incredibly relaxing,rejuvenating and exhilarating, it is my pleasure to take you there.

I have a heated massage table, bathroom amenities, hot shower, candles, art, plants, tea and beauty in my lovely sanctuary. I do use essential oils in my steam water. If you would like to avoid these, just let me know.

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Possibilities to expand your pleasure center…..

  • Ass Play & Introductions: I am a skilled and knowledgeable ass enthusiast. I have had the honor to host many first steps into ass play as well as continue to thrill some glorious seasoned asses. My perfect size hands have been duly noted by the more hungry and adventurous.

  • Strap-on Play:  I have a gorgeous array of cocks of many sizes and personalities. We are intimately connected and love a good time together.


1 hour: 250

90 min: 350

2 hours: 450

3 hours: 650